3rd Floor

Summer Selections

 – , 2016


Pace Prints is pleased to present a selection of recent and iconic editions published by Pace Editions, on view June 16–July 15, 2016 at its 521 West 26th Street gallery.

Installed in a salon style wall of relief prints, hand painted multiples and unique rubyliths, Shepard Fairey’s work employs a graphic palette of black, cream and red. The artist’s tongue-in-cheek juxtapositions of imagery and text speak to global economic, environmental and political concerns. Paint it Black, pays homage to the history of rock and roll, using Russian constructivist-inspired graphics to depict a hazardous paint can of “Oil Based Policy.”

James Turrell’s From Aten Reign (2016) a vibrant pink Ukiyo-e woodcut with relief printing in an edition of 30, continues the artist’s collaboration with Pace master printers Yasu Shibata and Justin Israels.

Daniel Heidkamp’s unique paper pulp paintings, created at the Pace Paper studio in Brooklyn, depict seascapes and rocky cliffs based on observational studies the artist made on the coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts.

This exhibition will also feature recent work by Leonardo Drew, Anne-Karin Furunes, Robert Mangold and Kenneth Noland and classic editions by Larry Bell and Sven Lukin.

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