3rd Floor

Corse, Herrera, LeWitt, Mangold, Ryman, Walsh

 – , 2019


Currently on views are new editions by Mary Corse and Carmen Herrera, and works by Sol LeWitt, Robert Mangold and Dan Walsh.

Mary Corse's Untitled (Band), 2019, is a set of five relief prints with glass microspheres, created in an edition of 40. Over the last five decades, Corse’s practice has investigated perception, properties of light and ideas of abstraction, in which light serves as both the subject and object of the work. Corse’s Untitled (Band)) follows the same concept of her works on canvas, using glass microspheres and a limited palette of white, black, and primary colors to create simple geometric configurations, giving structure to the luminescent internal space of her works. Untitled (Band) is the artist’s first print set to utilize glass microspheres on paper.

Carmen Herrera's Untitled was printed by Universal Limited Artists Editions with special distribution support from Pace Prints. This limited edition print was created expressly to benefit the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) and provides vital support for BAM's artistic and educational programs.

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