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Ryan Travis Christian



About this Release

Pace Prints is excited to announce the release of our first collaboration with artist Ryan Travis Christian. LAUGHING BIRD LOOP 2 is a hand-printed photogravure in an edition of 50. This exclusive Pace Prints Online Release will be available here on Thursday, September 10, at 11am EDT.  Sign up for reminders above to receive updates about this release.

Born in Oakland and based in Chicago, Christian creates drawings that reinterpret the style and content of early hand-animated cartoons as sinister stills. His draughtsmanship invests his work with intense visual weight, augmenting the suggestion of invisible forces at work in the images. Christian's work has been exhibited in solo exhibitions world-wide.  This print is the artist's first etching. 


I’ve taken an interest in how much people project themselves onto animals, especially birds. LAUGHING BIRD LOOP 2 is part of a sub-series of drawings within my work that are about depression at their core.

– Ryan Travis Christian