3rd Floor

Helen Frankenthaler

 – , 2013


Pace Prints is pleased to present an exhibition of prints by Helen Frankenthaler on the third floor gallery at 32 East 57th Street. This exhibition represents Helen Frankenthaler's last prints which were all published by Pace Editions over the eight years prior to her death in 2011. In creating these prints, Frankenthaler collaborated with master printers Yasu Shabata and Bill Hall, who printed them at Pace's printmaking workshops in Chelsea.

One of the most ambitious of Frankenthaler's prints is the triptych Book of Clouds (2007) that involved a combination of several printing techniques, employing Ukiyo-e style woodcut, aquatint, and pochoir.

Four additional prints are also included in the exhibition; Geisha (2003), Snow Pines (2004), Japanese Maple (2005), and Weeping Crabapple (2009), which were all printed using only the ukiyo-e woodcut technique. The seductive and flowing combination of colors in these prints is extraordinarily successful in conveying very best of Frankenthaler's iconography, besides being great examples of printmaking.

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This exhibition is no longer on view.

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