Lucas Samaras, "Self Portrait #7" (1994)
Lucas Samaras, "Self Portrait #7" (1994)

A Eulogy for Lucas Samaras, 1936–2024

Lucas Samaras, who passed away today, was an extraordinarily talented artist with a very imaginative eye and an incredible versatile technical capacity to realize his imagery.  My colleagues and I mourn his passing as I am sure many others join us in sympathy and in recognition of his significant creative contributions to contemporary art history.

Pace Editions/Pace Prints would not have existed if Lucas had not had the vision to create a three-dimensional object entitled, Book in 1968 which was our first publication. It was the impetus for establishing Pace Editions Inc. as an art print publisher and print dealer, later renamed Pace Prints. In our later years, we published several additional editions by Lucas as we expanded our activities that included printmaking, print publishing, and now a street level gallery devoted to prints and multiples.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to Lucas for getting us started and continuing to be creative in our printing making mediums. For me personally, he was a good friend for over 60 years. Lucas was one of the first artists my wife and I collected in depth, his boxes, sculptures, drawings, photographs, and prints beginning in the early 1960s. He was a unique talent with unique visions expressed in so many astonishing and provocative ways.

Lucas, my friend and our collaborator, rest in peace with our gratitude for all that you have left behind for us to admire.

Richard Solomon, President
Pace Editions Inc.