Online Release

Huma Bhabha and Shahzia Sikander

To benefit the RISD Student Opportunity Fund


About this Release

Pace Prints is proud to partner with the Rhode Island School of Design’s (RISD) on the second RISD Limited Editions Sale.


The 2022 RISD Limited Editions by Huma Bhabha and Shahzia Sikander will be available exclusively here on beginning Monday November 28, at 11am New York time.


Huma Bhabha and Shahzia Sikander collaborated with Pace Prints to translate their hand-painted images into offset lithographs.


To showcase the exquisite details and colors of these works, the lithographic plates were made by exposing each color using stochastic screening. This technique, also known as staccato or F.M. (Frequency Modulation) screening, renders the image in extremely fine grains of less than 1/10,000th of an inch and faithfully preserves the artists’ mark-making in the translation to the plates. Stochastic plates can also be combined beyond the typical four-color process, bringing the full breadth of values in the prints to life.


Both prints were printed in soy-based ink on 100% cotton paper. Produced using by-products of the garment industry, cotton papers derive from a sustainable source and reduce waste.


RISD Limited Editions is an alumni-led initiative developed in the college’s tradition of supporting young artists and designers. Sikander, a member of RISD’s Board of Trustees, understands the financial challenges students can face while pursuing their dreams. “RISD students are pioneers, always reinventing and reinterpreting the boundaries of traditional artmaking,” she says. “Participating in the limited-edition sale is my way to help ensure that their artistic voices are heard, regardless of their financial status.”


The RISD Limited Editions inaugural sale held in October 2021 raised more than $50,000 for the Student Opportunity Fund. This fund provides necessary financial assistance for educational expenses not covered by traditional financial aid. Examples include course and making materials, internships, global travel courses and research opportunities, making the full RISD experience accessible to students from all income levels. 


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