3rd Floor

Donald Baechler

, 2015 – , 2016


Pace Prints is pleased to present an exhibition of prints by Donald Baechler at its 32 East 57th Street Gallery, on view December 3, 2015–January 23, 2016.

The exhibition chronicles the artist’s multi-faceted printmaking collaborations with Pace Prints over the past thirty years.

Donald Baechler transforms everyday imagery into iconographic editions employing a variety of printmaking techniques. His Abstract Composition with Flower series is featured in this exhibition and was created by stenciling pigmented paper pulp.

In his screenprinted works, Globe, Colorful Ball and Green Cone, Baechler surrounds a single central image in these large scale prints with a complex and diverse field of collage elements, creating a dynamic juxtaposition of foreground and background.

The exhibition at Pace Prints 57th Street is concurrent with an exhibition of early works by Donald Baechler at the Cheim & Read Gallery in Chelsea. 

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This exhibition is no longer on view.

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