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Pace Prints is pleased to present an exhibition of black and white work spanning forty years of printmaking, on view January 15—February 27, 2016 at 521 West 26th Street.

The exhibition will feature works by Jennifer Bartlett, John Chamberlain, Chuck Close, Leonardo Drew, Vik Muniz, Sol LeWitt and Kiki Smith, among others. From Chuck Close’s complex woodcut portraits to Vik Muniz’s gestural silkscreen homages to Robert Motherwell, the exhibition surveys nearly every printmaking technique and showcases the formal possibilities of the medium.

In Hog on Ice, Pinks, and Creamed Onions (1989), John Chamberlain uses black and white lucite relief to form varying lines in abstract forms, evoking the linear patterns that appear as a result of manipulation and exposure in the artist’s crushed automobile sculptures.

Jennifer Bartlett’s Black, Grey, White (from NARAL Portfolio) (1991), applies a minimalist aesthetic to the simplified house forms for which the artist is known. By eliminating color, Bartlett focuses on mark-making to discern between figure and ground, confusing the line between abstract and representational.

Leonardo Drew’s 36P (2014) is a tour de force, reimagining the possibilities and disregarding the formal limitations of pigmented paper pulp. The piece’s gravitas stems from an existential tension, dwelling somewhere between sculpture and painting.

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This exhibition is no longer on view.

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