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Pat Steir

 – , 2023


Pace Prints is pleased to announce an exhibition of monoprints by Pat Steir, that will be on view February 10 – March 18, 2023, at its new location at 536 West 22nd Street. The public is invited to an opening reception on Thursday, February 9, 6-8pm.

Pat Steir’s five-decade career as a painter has also included extensive explorations and innovative work in various printmaking mediums. Her iconic style, referencing waterfalls, resulted from her in-depth analysis of the application of pigments, specifically their relation to gravity, color layering, and density.

Pat Steir’s prints have evolved from her earlier etchings to an extensive use of the medium of silkscreen printing. In this exhibition of her monoprints, Steir has utilized the screen printing process to create work in a large scale, directly applying the energy of her mark and the flow of her palette. For her, it is a performance of painting and color.

Working with Pace Print’s Master Printer Jo Watanabe and others over several decades, she has created an ambitious series of dazzling hand-painted and hand-drawn monoprints. Many of these monoprints combine a base of screen-printed layers, onto which Steir applied oil paint and other mediums to the previously silkscreened layers. She has forged a unique and organic approach to the medium, where gesture, time and chance guide the outcome of each unique monoprint. These images exhibit an unbounded chromatic range and extend her signature motif of the waterfall, creating immersive fields of light and movement.

The aesthetic of many of the images in this exhibition resonate with Steir’s recent exhibition of paintings, Blue River and Rainbow Waterfalls, at our neighboring gallery, Hauser & Wirth.

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