Daniel Heidkamp / Pace Prints
Daniel Heidkamp / Pace Prints

Daniel Heidkamp Featured on Artsy

Daniel Heidkamp was interviewed by Artsy on his first collaboration with Pace Prints. In the article, written by Casey Lesser, Heidkamp explains the dense history of American painting in Gloucester, Massachusetts, where he completed the plein air paintings that would serve as inspiration for his new series.

"There’s a reason why all of these people have gone there—because it’s beautiful and it has that art energy," he explains. "I always like to see if the art energy is real. If you go there and you paint, does something good happen? And it does!" Heidkamp explains.

The artist also discusses the previously unfamiliar medium of paper pulp, and cited Gauguin as an influence for his use of color, "...where you still feel that atmosphere and that energy but it’s less about illusionistic light; it’s more about different bright colors coming up against each other."

Lesser describes the work as "transfixing, calming, thoughtful reflections on familiar places," and notes the adventurous nature of the medium.