Austin Lee

Born 1983. Lives and works in New York City.



Austin Lee merges abstraction and figuration, humor and pathos, in his exuberantly expressive and utterly contemporary paintings and sculptures. True to the age in which he works, his paintings begin as iPad sketches, and he has used a 3-D printer for some of his sculptures. As he describes his painting process: “I usually start with a digital drawing on my iPad…. If the drawing is worth exploring further, I will make a painting with the drawing as the starting point…. If it goes well, something magical happens during the translation and I end up with something worth looking at.” Working from small- to large-scale, he covers every inch of his canvases with color, utilizing acrylic and vinyl paint. The latter is known for its matte finish and brilliant hues, which make elements of Lee’s compositions appear to pop and glow. (Source: Artsy)