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Bring Back the Seventies

 – , 2020


For the 2020 Online Edition of the IFPDA Print Fair, Pace Prints is pleased to present Bring Back The Seventies, a celebration of artists whose works were published by Pace Prints in the 1970s.


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The exhibition recognizes the enduring relevance today of the work of thirteen artists including: Larry Bell, Gene Davis, Agnes Denes, Jean Dubuffet, Alfred Jensen, Nicholas Krushenick, Sven Lukin, Louise Nevelson, Kenzo Okada, Lucas Samaras, George Segal, Ernest Trova and Jack Youngerman.

Each artist worked with Pace Prints in the printmaking medium that best suited their distinctive styles, from silkscreen, to aquatint etching, to lithography, to hybrid constructions such as Larry Bell's Lux III. Their editions continue to represent significant contributions to printmaking and to our contemporary aesthetic sense, with their bold, hard-edged gestures, simultaneously acknowledging abstraction, Pop Art and Minimalism.

The exhibition represents a refreshing return to the past, demonstrating the vitality and compatibility of these works today.


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This exhibition is no longer on view.

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