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Sculptor's Prints

 – , 2019


Pace Prints is pleased to present Sculptors’ Prints, on view June 7 - August 2, 2019.  The exhibit focuses on unique ways in which sculptors engage with the print medium, “building” their compositions through each artist’s innovative, conceptual approach to material.

In her large-scale installations, sculptures, drawings, and prints, Tara Donovan utilizes everyday objects to explore the transformative effects of accumulation and aggregation. Her pin prints explore mark-marking as a way to create an undulating field of activity on the picture plane, as dots form clusters with varying densities and configurations. While seemingly random, the patterns are actually formed through the calculated act of arranging one sewing pin after another as they are hammered into a matrix, from which the heads are then inked and transferred to paper.

Leonardo Drew explores the tension between order and chaos, transforming raw materials such as wood, metal, cotton and ceramic into intense agglomerations of force and emotional energy.  Drew’s exploration in papermaking, at the Pace Paper studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn, has expanded the horizons of his artistic practice, as well as the traditions of the medium itself.  The work is as much about the journey of its creation as it is about its visual affect.  Of his challenges in the studio, Drew says, “In the end, it was kind of like an epiphany…I didn’t know until it was actually happening what the work was going to look like.  It was going to be actually more sculpture than traditional printmaking.  And that was that.”

Joel Shapiro is renowned for his use of simple sculptural form to elicit movement and vivacity.  Inspired by Edgar Degas and Constantin Brancusi, Shapiro’s work explores the dynamism of the human form.  Untitled A-E highlights Shapiro’s ability to take two-dimensional shapes and create gestural compositions, defying gravity and emitting playful fluidity.  His intentional use of the wood grain exhibits the purity of his process, while also giving a sense of directional motion.

Also featured in the exhibition are works by Larry Bell, Louise Nevelson, Claes Oldenburg and James Turrell.

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